Dive Medicine and Hyperbaric Consultants provides training workshops and educational symposiums in Dive Safety, Dive Technology, and Dive Medicine. We custom design our up-to-date programs to fit the needs of our clients.

Recognition and Management of Diving Injuries: What Every Diver Needs to Know!
April 9th at 1900 hrs EST
 Via Zoom
Children and Diving
April 11th at 1100 hrs EST
via The Diver Medic
The Aging Diver
April 14th at 1900 hours EST
Via Zoom



Dive Medicine and Hyperbaric Consultants has had the opportunity to support the diving community in its offerings.  We are very proud of the fact that we support the mission of the United States Navy and the United States Coast Guard Academy.

Upcoming Events

David Charash DO, CWS, FACEP, FUHM Principal 

Increased knowledge means increased safety

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